Kyjen Slo Bowl dog bowl review

  • IMG_4400
    Stella using the bowl
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    Slo Bowl in package
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    10.5 inches across
  • IMG_4483
    shallower grooves on outside of bowl and deeper as you move inwards
  • IMG_4409
    Takes her around 5 minutes to eat her food using the Slo Bowl

Does your dog eat it’s food like they are never gonna eat again? I have found a solution to your problem. It is the Slo Bowl by Kyjen. Your dog has to work for their food which stops them from inhaling their food as fast as possible and also prevents bloating. These come in a bunch of different designs and sizes but they all do the same thing.

I have the Caribbean Blue model in size large. My Stella is a 60lb. lab mix and she is a feeder. She used to inhale her food from her old bowl. By using the Slo Bowl, it has added over 3 minutes to Stella’s feeding time. It now takes her around 5 minutes to eat her food where before it could take 2 minutes or less. By using grooves in the bowl, the dog has to work to get the food out of the grooves instead of just gobbling up mouthfuls of food at once. The Caribbean Blue model has grooves that are around 1/2 inch thick on the edge and the grooves get deeper as you move towards the center of the bowl.  You’ve got four feet on the bottom of the bowl and these feet have rubber notches that stick out. One of each corner, so it helps prevent the bowl from slipping when the dog’s eating out of it.

Kyjen Slo Bowl Stats:
– The Caribbean Blue Large model is 10.5 inches across.
– Outside gooves are around 1/2 inch thick and get deeper as move inward to the bowl.
– The center groove is almost 2 inches deep.
– The bottom has 4 pads with small rubber feet on them too help keep the bowl in place.
– BPA and PVC free
– Dishwasher safe, just make sure to put it in the top rack

– It does what is it designed to do which is slow your dogs eating down.
– Added over 3 minutes to my Stella’s eating time.
– Stops your dog inhaling their food, which helps prevent bloating due to eating too fast.
– The rubber feet on the bottom really help to keep the bowl in place.
– Easy to clean. Just drop in the top shelf of the dishwasher.

– None

The Slo Bowl does what it is designed to do. If your dog is a feeder and loves to inhale it’s food, buy a Slo Bowl. It runs between $12 and $20 at Amazon. You won’t be disappointed.

Click below to see my review of the Kyjen Slo Bowl in action:


Feel free to ask me any questions you have in the comments below. Caw!

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