Playaboule V3 Lighted Night Bocce Ball review

    Playaboule V3 Lighted Bocce Ball Set
  • IMG_3812
    full size 107mm bocce balls and full size 50m pallino
  • IMG_3811
    carry bag holds 8 balls, pallno, extra batteries and measuring tape
  • IMG_3810
    extra batteries and measuring tape that are stored in carry bag
  • IMG_3814
    battery compartment that goes in each ball
  • IMG_3817
    batteries are changeable. Each ball takes 3 LR1130 batteries
    easy to see all the balls at night
    50mm full size pallino at night
    full size 107mm bocce ball at night

You are reading this because you are looking into a good night bocce ball set. You can stop your search. The Playaboule V3 Lighted Night Bocce set is your answer. It comes with 8 full size (107mm) bocce balls, full size (50mm) pallino/white ball. All the balls come with 3 batteries installed and 27 extra batteries (3 for each ball). A 60 inch measuring tape is also included.  Everything fits easily into the included carry bag, which makes it easy to from zero to night bocce  very fast.

Being able to play bocce at night in the yard on a nice warm evening is awesome. Another great thing about night bocce is that you can always have a beer in your non-throwing hand. Night bocce and beer. Win-win.

Before you use the balls, you need the battery compartment on each ball and remove a small plastic tab so the lights will turn on. Push button once it light blinks, push again light is on and push again to turn off. Even though the the batteries last longer if the lights are blinking, I suggest if you want to keep your sanity, to have the lights always on.

Over a summer of using the bocce set, I got around 20-25 hours on a set of batteries which is pretty impressive. Obviously, on hour 18 they are not as bright as when you just turned them on for the first time. Extra batteries are very cheap too. Check ebay for LR1130s. The balls hit rocks, stumps, pavement and even were in the lake a couple of times. Technically the balls are water resistant, not waterproof, but due to a hill in the yard we were playing in, they ended up in the water a couple of times. The balls never turned off and they did float which is nice. Having said that, I suggest keeping them out of the water. As long as you keep the balls off of pavement/concrete they should last a long time to give you hours of enjoyment.

Playaboule V3 Lighted Night Bocce Ball Stats:
– Comes with 8 full size 107mm bocce balls in 4 different colors
– Full size white 50mm pallino
– Each balls come with batteries (3each) along with and 27 extra batteries (LR1130)
– 2 settings either always on or blinking (I suggest always on if you want keep your sanity)
– Each ball weighs 1.2lbs and the whole set weighs 11lbs.
– Batteries last for over 20 hours
– Water resistant, not waterproof, balls will float if they end up in the water and still work (at least they did for me)

– Best night bocce ball I have ever used
– Very durable. Have stood up to multiple, rock/stump hits and going in the lake
– Super bright lights, easy to see in the dark
– Can also be used during the day
– Long battery life

– Not recommended to use on concrete or pavement

This is hands down the best night bocce ball I have seen or used. It is $80 at Amazon and worth every penny if you love to play bocce. Every time I am at a campground or playing in a park at night, people always come up to me and ask me what it is and where I got it. The V3 Lighted is pretty much perfect as a night bocce ball set. Stop looking and buy this one. Caw!

Check out my video review below to see the Playaboule V3 Lighted Night Bocce Ball set in action:

Feel free to ask me any questions you have in the comments below.

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