Roomba Irobot 620 vacuum review

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    Roomba Irobot 620
  • IMG_4349
    bottom, including brush and side brush
  • IMG_4353
    brush works best on hardwood floors and tile but also works on carpet
  • IMG_4351
    side brush which works great at getting dirt next to walls etc.
  • IMG_4352
    2 of 4 cliff sensors to stop 620 from going off ledges and stairs
  • IMG_4344
    dirt bin and filter
  • IMG_4346
    top of vacuum. Spot cleaning button, clean button and dock button
  • IMG_4340
    charging station
  • IMG_4316
    620 charging in station

The Roomba Irobot 620 is a pretty decent robotic vacuum. It is very easy to use. Open the box, plug in the charging station, hit the clean button, and you are Roombaing.  As with other Roomba vacuums, the 620 cleans a room by going in a random pattern. My main purpose for using the 620 was to see how much of my dog Stella’s hair it would pick up. It passed the test. I found in my tests is does a very adequate of picking up loose pet hair and dirt.

The 620 runs for around an hour and then heads back to it’s charging station. Charging the 620 takes around 2 hours and 40 minutes to fully charge. Glows orange when charging, green when charged. You can also hit the dock button to have 620 return to base at anytime. The Roomba is 3.58 inches tall. If your couch is taller than that, it will be able to go underneath of it. On top next of the 620 is a spot button. Hit the spot button if you want the 620 to spend extra time in a certain area. If the 620 detects extra dirt in an area, the blue light on top comes on showing and the robot spends a little more time focusing on that spot. Emptying the bin is simple. Hit the button, pull bin out. Empty and put back. You can clean or change the filter when bin is removed.

The best feature of the Roomba Irobot 620 is the the side brush. Picking up the dirt and pet hair that is next to walls is done easily with the side brush that is on the bottom of the 620. This brush sticks out a couple inches wider than the 620 and sweeps all the hair next to the wall in front of the vacuum so it can picked up. The 620 picked up dog food, coffee grounds and cat litter with ease. I don’t see anything that you would have in your house that the 620 wouldn’t be able to vacuum up.  I think you will have best results on tile and hardwood. My apartment has all hardwood floors. I found that the 620 works best on hardwood and tile but will do an OK job on carpet.

I did have a couple of issues using the 620 but they aren’t deal breakers. Speaker wires or phone cables tend to get stuck in the brush. It did not destroy them, but it did get stuck. You want to make sure to put those away before you start the 620. It doesn’t do a great job of letting you know when the bin is full and it doesn’t have a scheduling option. The 620 climbs over obstacles very easy and only got stuck once on the leg of a chair in my house that was 1 inch off the ground. It lets you know it is stuck and tells you to move it. If you don’t move it, it will turn off.After using other robotic vacuums, I really found the scheduling option as a feature I like to have with a robot vacuum. To be able to run the vacuum while I am at work is super convenient. If you are looking for a good robotic vacuum that you are able to schedule, check out the Neato XV-21 and my review for it here.

Roomba 620 Stats:
– 1 hour run time
– 2 hours 40 min. to charge
– 4 cliff censors to prevent going off edges and stairs
– Dirt detect feature
– 3 and 5/8 inch tall
– Side brush to get next to wall and corners
– Bristle brush and beater brush to help pick up dirt and hair
– Picks up dog food, cat litter, coffee grounds and pet hair no problem
– Will work on carpet but works best on hard wood and tile

– long room time of almost an hour
– fairly short recharge time
– 4 built in cliff sensors
– Picks up pet hair great
– Side brush works great to get dirt next to walls
– Dirt Detection feature does good job of spending extra time on dirtier areas

– No scheduling feature
– No barriers included to keep 620 out of certain rooms or areas
– Small wires can get caught up in the brush

If you are looking of an easy-to-use robot vacuum that works and is great at picking up pet hair, the Roomba Irobot 620 is a very good option. Just remember it does not have all of the bells and whistles as the higher end Roombas. As with all robot vacuums, they are best for maintenance cleaning and not for detailed cleaning. It just does not have the scheduling feature, so know that going in. It runs between 270 and 400 bucks, depending in the day on Amazon.

Click below to see my review of the Roomba Irobot 620 in action:


Feel free to ask me any questions you have in the comments below. Caw!

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