New Trent IPulse IMP100P External Battery Pack Review

Here is a quick review for the New Trent IPulse IMP100P external battery pack. I know it doesn’t have the best name but it is a very useful device. As always, I will try to keep this review simple and tell you what this battery pack does and why you need it.

It will work with the Iphone, Android phones or any other device that you can charge with a usb cable.

This little New Trent battery pack  stores 10,000mAh of portable battery power to give you extra battery life for all of your smart phones and tablets. Most new smart phones have around a 2000mAh battery. With this battery pack you can charge your phone from dead to full 5 times before you need to recharge the battery pack.

To charge the battery pack, you simply use the usb cable that is included with the pack,  attach the ac adapter and plug the charger into the wall. After all 4 blue lights on the front light up your pack is at full charge and ready to go.

All you do to turn on the charger is hit the power button on top of the charger then insert the usb cable for your phone or tablet.  It is as easy as that. The 4 lights on the front show you the battery life left in the pack and you will lose loose lights as you drain the power.

Size wise it is a little bit larger than a bar of soap and feels very solid in your hands. It weighs only 13 ounces so it can easily be kept in your back pocket or purse.

The New Trent IPulse IMP100P External Battery pack is a winner. Plain and simple. If you are going to be somewhere and you are worried about your phone etc. running out of juice pick up this charger and never have to worry again. I use it when I go camping, fishing or anytime I know I will need some extra juice. Based on my experience, your friends will be happy you have it with, when their phone needs some power as well. Check out my video review after the links below.

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Her is my video review for the New Trent IMP100P battery charger.

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