LB HBS700 Tone vs. HBS730 Tone+ Bluetooth headset review

If you are reading this, you are probably trying to decide between the LG HBS 700 Tone or the HBS730 Tone+ Bluetooth headsets.  The 730s have some upgrades over the original 700s.

IMG_2643Both headsets are a great choice. They are both are around $50 and have good sound quality with the added convenience of not having a cord getting in your way.  This is the main benefit of these headsets. Previously, I reviewed the original HBS700s and you can read that review here.

Both allow you to adjust volume, play, pause, skip tracks, fast forward through songs and answer calls from the headset. Itunes, Google Music, Pandora, Spotify etc. are all compatible with the LG’s. You can leave your phone in your pocket and be able to control all of your music hands free.

When you do you receive a phone call, both units vibrate and you are able to hit the small button on the left side to answer the call. The same goes for other notifications. When you receive a text or email, you hear the audio alert come through the headset.

The main difference between the 700s and the 730s is that the 730s have audio alerts for everything. In both units you hold the volume down button for 3 seconds to check battery status, but with the 730s you get an audio alert stating if the battery is high, medium or low.  When you are too far away from your Bluetooth device, you hear an audio alerting letting you know you are too far away from the unit.

From my experience and from my tests, the original 700s have a better range. I love the audio alerts on the newer 730s. I also feel that the 730s sound just a touch better than the 700s. Check out my short video review to see the Bluetooth distance tests.

Don’t mistake these for some $200 headphones. At a price point of around $50, you are paying for the fact you will never have to worry about those annoying cords getting in your way again. I am no audiophile, but you will not be disappointed with sound quality with either. Click on the links below to check them out for yourself. They will also be available in my Amazon store at the top right of this page in the Gadgets section.

LG HBS700 Tone                                                        LG HBS730 Tone +

Price:                               $40-50                                                            $40-50
Bluetooth:                      2.1                                                                      3.0
Colors:                             Blk/Blk, Blk/Orange, Wht/Org                 Blk/Blk, White/White
Charge Time:                  1 hour 50 min                                                1 hour 50 min
Talk Time:                       15 hours                                                           15 hours
Music Playback:            10 hours                                                          10 hours
Battery indicator:         beeps when low                                          “battery very low, please charge”
Switch EQ mode:           hold volume +/- for 3 seconds                   hold volume +/- for 3 seconds
Check battery:               hold volume dn for 3 seconds                   hold volume dn for 3 seconds
Sound quality:               good                                                                  good to very good
Outdoor range:              39 feet                                                              21 feet
Indoor range:                 same                                                                 same


To purchase either, click the links below and be sure to watch my short review showing you the differences between the 700 Tone and 730 Tone +.  Ca Caw!

If you are gonna shop on Amazon, start at BKB and click on the Amazon banner on the right. Be sure to subscribe to, and check out my YouTube channel to see all of my reviews.

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