Helinox Chair One Camp Chair review

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    Helinox Chair One Camp Chair
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    Width: 20.5 inches Depth: 19.7 inches Height: 25.6 tall and 13.5 inches from bottom of chair to ground
  • IMAG0897
    Nibs using the chair in the BWCA
  • IMG_3961
    where the legs slip into back of chair
  • IMG_3962
    folding legs. 4 rubber feet
  • IMG_3134
    carry bag for the chair.
  • IMG_3979
    instructions on inside of carry bag
  • IMG_3965
    next to Helinox Camp Table

Are you looking for a kick-ass light weight camping chair? Your search is over. The Helinox Chair One Camp Chair is an amazing, comfortable light weight chair. I use mine on every camping trip I go on. It is great to sit in after a long day of paddling in the BWCA (boundary waters in northern MN). I’m 6’4″ 200lbs. and it fits me great. I use it in the BWCA, tailgating and even as an extra chair if I have a lot of people over at my house.

Assembling the chair is simple. It kind of just falls into place. Take out the legs and they all snap together like tent poles. Two of the poles are taller and that is the back of the chair. The bottom of the chair has 4 rubber feet so you just make sure those are on the bottom when attaching the chairs to the poles. Insert the poles into the 4 spots on the back of the chair. Your chair is now ready for you to luxuriate in. Instructions are shown in the carry bag to show you how to assemble the chair if you can’t figure it out on your own. To take the chair apart, just remove the legs from the chair, fold the legs up, wrap the chair fabric around the legs and put back into the bag. Super easy.

The only issue I have had with the chair is that it doesn’t do great in sand because the legs sink in to the sand too far depending on the sand conditions. Too combat this, cut a hole in a tennis ball and put a ball on the bottom of each leg. This prevents sinking into the sand.

– Weighs 1.96 pounds
– Holds 320lbs.
– Width: 20.5 in; Depth: 19.7 in; Height: 25.6 tall and 13.5 inches from bottom of chair to ground
– Comes in 4 colors

– Lightweight
– Comfortable
– Compact size
– Fast/Easy assembly and take down

– Price for some, but you get what you pay for
– Does sink into the sand. (see tennis ball fix to solve this problem)

I can’t say enough good things about the Helinox Chair One Camp Chair. It is an easy to use, lightweight and most of importantly it’s comfortable. Great chair to take camping, backpacking, tailgating. You can keep it in your truck.  You can even probably fit in a woman’s purse. Buy this chair. You won’t be disappointed. I highly suggest it. It’s around $100 at Amazon.  Well worth the money. Works great in combination with the Helinox Camp Table.

Check out my video review of the Helinox Camp Chair below:


Feel free to ask me any questions you have in the comments below. Caw!

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