The Easy Wipe Microfiber cleaning wand review – clean your windshield with ease

IMG_0096The Easy Wipe or sometimes called The Easy Reach Microfiber cleaning wand is a cleaning tool with an ergonomic head to help you clean in hard to reach areas. More specifically the inside of the windshield of your car.

There are a bunch of different names for this cleaning tool and the sizes may vary, but they are all designed to do the same thing. The Easy Wipe has a pivoting head that allows you to easily reach and clean the the inside of the windshield of your car, but you can use the Easy Wipe to clean other windows in your car or glass surfaces around your house.

Be sure to watch my short review after this post to see The Easy Wipe in action.

The Easy Wipe that I bought came with 2 wands that are 14 inches in length. The one listed below on Amazon is a little shorter than that.  It was suggested that you get the wand wet without any cleaner and it will clean your windshield. I found that if you get the wand too wet, it will leave streaks as you can see in the video below.

The best results I had was to using Windex or another window cleaner and either spray directly on the windshield or into the wand itself. The handle really works great and saves you the trouble of having to reach under your windshield with a rag or paper towels. I found after using Windex, there was little to no streaking, and it made the task of cleaning the inside of the windows much easier and faster. After you are done cleaning, simply peel off the cleaning wands and put them in the washing machine. The ability to use the them over and over is another great feature.

The Easy Wipe or Easy Reach microfiber cleaning wand makes cleaning the windshield of your car very easy. For that reason alone it is worth buying. The fact that you can use it on other windows and that the wand is washable is an added bonus.

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Here is my short review of the Easy Wipe microfiber cleaning wand.

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