LG HBS-700 Bluetooth Headset review

2012-11-21 17.04.57    These are the only headphones you will ever need.  These are the LG HBS-700 wireless bluetooth headset.  Again, a complicated name for a beautifully simple device. They are the shit. These  headphones allow you to have premium sound quality without the hassle of those long ass cords. They work with any bluetooth enabled device.  After using these it will be hard to have phone conversations by holding the phone to your ear.  All of this for just under $50

Fifty bucks Birdman. Damn. That may seem like a lot of money to some of you to spend on headphones. Compared to Beats headphones, (those are the large over the ear headphones you see all the kids wearing these days) which retail from about $180 to $300, the HBS700s are a steal.

As you can see from the pics2012-11-21 17.05.55, the cords on these are maybe 10 inches long.  The length 2012-11-21 17.07.03of these can be adjusted to fit you perfectly by moving the ring where the cord connects to the headphones. Very simple, very easy. The actual ear buds then magnet back into the holder when you are finished listening.  The 700s charge via micro usb and come with a ac adapter and a usb to micro usb cable.  If you have an Android phone they use the same charger which is useful.

On the left size you have your volume up, volume down and the answer call button. 2012-11-21 17.05.37Also, holding down the volume down button for 3 seconds while the headphones are on will switch in and out of super bass mode.

The right side has previous and next track buttons along with the play/pause button. The skip track button works with Pandora, Itunes, Google Music and the default Android music player.  These headphones allow you to skips songs, turn up the volume and answer calls all without  having to reach into your pocket and using your phone.  Of note, this hands free of changing songs etc only works on phones and tablets not laptops. The 700s provide 10 hours of listening/talk time on one charge and are water resistant

2012-11-21 17.05.11Not having to deal with the long headphone cords i have used my whole  life is fucking sweet. It is so liberating. I can not tell you how many times i have went to grab my headphones only to the have the bullshit cord tied in knots tighter than princess Leia’s hair.  These headphones solve this problem.

Whether you are working out, running, or doing anything where the cord gets in the way, the LG HBS700s provide hands free music and quality sound at an affordable price.  They are comfortable too and you don’t even realize you are wearing them. There are over 2000 reviews on Amazon and it is almost a 5 star average.  That is hella good. They come in black as well and are listed as separate product midway down the page on Amazon .

Go buy them. No, seriously click the link below and buy them now before you forget.  And check out my video review below. Caw!

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LG HBS700 bluetooth headset review

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