Jawbone Big Jambox Review

2012-11-21 16.55.451It’s the Jambox only bigger and louder. It’s loud. You will be shocked by how impressive this bad boy sounds.  Just like its smaller little brother it connects via bluetooth and has an internal rechargeable battery. It retails for $300 but the price just dropped to $250 on Amazon at thetime of this posting.

It is worth every penny. It is loud enough to use outdoors. If your boat doesn’t have a sound system, it does now. Check out my video review at the end of this post and give the Big Jambox a listen.

Like its little brother the Big Jambox uses Bluetooth to connect to any device that uses Bluetooth.  Apple, PC, Iphone, Android,Blackberry, you name it. Most common would be your cell phone, tablet or 2012-11-21 16.55.53computer. The three color options you have are red, black or white.

Here are the main differences between the original Jambox and the Big Jambox. The Big is about 3 times bigger as you can see from the picture. Its weighs considerably more too. It is still very very portable though. The Big is much louder. It will fill a whole floor of a house with quality sound with rich deep bass.

The Big comes with its own AC charger. It also has micro usb, but will take substantially longer to charge. I suggest always using the AC charger. Big Jambox also allows 2 people to be connected to the speaker at once. If I were playing a song and my buddy didn’t like it, he could hit play on his phone and override it and I could do the s2012-11-21 16.56.16ame to him. It’s a nice feature.

New rubber feet have been added to the bottom of the Big Jambox as well. The original could sometimes rumble its way off the table due to the bass. Based on the louder sound on the Big, it would for sure rumble its way off a table. The rubber feet are a smart and welcomed upgrade.

The Big Jambox also allows you to skip songs from the speaker itself. The original did not have this option. Another great upgrade.  The fact that it holds a charge for 15  hours is remarkable and based on my testing very true. I get a minimum of 13 hours per charge based on how loud I listen.2012-11-21 16.56.30

This is one bad ass speaker. Here are the details you need to know on the differences between the original and the Big.
15 hours of battery life (original Jambox is 10 hours)
weight is 2.7 lbs (Jambox is 12 ounces)
Size LWH is 10.09 inches, 3.16 inches, 3.66 inches (orginal 6, 1.5, 2.25)
Bluetooth range for both Big and original is 30-60 ft

I really can not say enough good things about the Big Jambox. They took a great product and made it better. I use mine almost everyday. Portable, high quality sound at a reasonable price. I don’t pay retail for much and I per-ordered this bad boy for $300. The price just dropped to $250 on Amazon. $250 sounds 2012-11-21 16.59.06like a lot, but you have my guarantee that you wont be disappointed.   Go buy it now! Caw

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Here is my review for the Big Jambox by Jawbone

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